Natural Home Remedies For Fever You May Not Know

Many reasons why fever occurs, however, in most cases, it happens because of your immune system fights infection. You have to wary in some rare case, for instance, the body temperature that is extremely high, you have to meet your doctor to handle the issues. In normal circumstance home remedies for fever are just fine. Basil contains healing properties which are very powerful to beat down your fever.

Using basil as your home remedies for fever, you need first basil leaves about 20, and then prepare crushed ginger with one teaspoon measurement. Dissolve both ingredients to a glass of water, and boil it to half. In three days, drink the solution for two to three times per day. Cool water is a good alternative to reduce your fever. Before you use this method, make sure that the water isn’t too cold, since it will give the opposite effect for your body.

Garlic is also reliable for home remedies for fever. But not only it can reduce your temperature, as it can kill dangerous toxins and escalate your recovery also. Take one garlic clove and mince it. You need hot water (one glass), and then steep it for about 10 minutes. Strain the solution, so then you can drink it afterward. Do it two times each day.

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